Last Minute Stag Weekend

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Ultimate Race Experience

Our Ultimate Race Experience is a must for competitive stag groups. It relies on you working together in teams of 2 or more to race the course, tackle all the equipment and get the best time.

You begin by being launched down our 175 metre purpose built zorb track, then the race is on as you unstrap from the zorb and rush to the water’s edge.

Now you have to coordinate your body to paddle the kayak quickly across the lake making sure your team mate does it quickly too (and without losing your balance and falling in!!)

Then it’s time to smash some clays with a shotgun – you have 5 shots to hit one and can move on as soon as you both do.

You then both dash to the buggy track where you are strapped into our double buggy. If you can’t work as a team here, you will fail, as one of you controls the engine and steering to go left and the other controls the right turns. Communication and co-ordination will be tested to the limit as you race round the buggy course to get the best time.

The team that has the fastest overall time will be victorious (and they wont brag about it – honestly!!)

Included in the price of the event is tea/coffee, hire of all equipment, insurance, photo opportunities and a good laugh!

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